Moon Me


There you go at the dark sky
Other than the bright shining diamonds
There’s the moon
Moon that passed us each night
Waiting for time to decide
Decide the cycle of different shapes it possessed

Just remember if you ever thought of me
On that late evenings
Or that early mornings
Finishing the date
Or welcoming the new present
I’m always be the one there waiting shining unless I’m taking breaks behind the clouds.

A note to self forward


A note to self forward:

Put your past away from your reach because the present is what matters

All the ashes people made of you through fires are none of your worrries

Everything will eventually heal with time as if all the bruises doesn’t exists

Compare and judge your own life to the Kings and Queens are just lame wasting jokes

Questions doesn’t have to always need of answers as it will just come you least expected. Who doesn’t like suprises?

Happiness is a choice and you decide where it all lies

All the problem in the world are not own by you so give a charity of a million bucks of smiles


Shot me with words
Cut me with knives
Kill me with poison
And all there is from me was a mirror
I don’t really care.

I can’t dance
My body tremors
More than it ever did
When the mirror is right in front
I am that nervous.

I reach out to my history
Towards the part that pains
To discover black wide open wounds
Are now swelling and bleeding
I am just torn.

No terror just fear
I am losing myself into a daybreak that is wondrously clear
Every step of gifts that my ancestors gave
I am in reality a reflected dream.


Story telling


She walks on her roots in the soil
Over a scenery of the blue sky
What she realises she finds
Random monkeys passing by

You may think she’s standing there without a purpose
Well you were wrong she got inspired
Just like hopes springing high
She starts searching for a device to capture her excitement

She works her camera
Lowered herself down for a good focus
Shooting frames like there were tailored
With shots that never lose status

Didn’t she nor me realises
this whole thing was captured on film
I just took multiple shots randomly of the scenery
And made her in my story


You can say all you want because that will be yesterday’s news
You can hear all kinds of things because eventually that would be stale rumours
You can write all you want because that would be history
All your bitter twisted lies will not affect me
And how much things you try to do will not offend me
Although how low of dirt I am in you that you need me to be cleaned off from the world
Let me ask you one question?
Ever clean dust before and it eventually rise again?
Well that’s me not giving up even how imperfect I am.
# I will rise


Alive and Passionate

Today’s Question: At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

I think that the most passionate and alive moments are the ones which you have a reason to believe to feel that way. I think all it takes is the interest, the amount of effort and the purpose of what you were doing at that point of time. In my case, I have no idea when was the most passionate and alive moment  in my recent past. I think it just comes and go like an instance during performing your duties at work, if the project is interesting and caught your attention, that is when you put your interest, effort and a goal to finish the project. The passion will set in throughout the process and the most alive part after you achieve the purpose of the project usually at the end of it where results shows. 

As for  now I realise I lost touch of those moments and missed it as it fades due to the fact because it seems I always keep putting my full effort and interest in what I do in order to enjoy it even I don’t choose to be in the project. I need the spark to recreate these moments because as of now everything I do seems a normal thing and not a passionate or alive. 

Throwing into something new also can recreate those moments at the beginning and lost it after if we get distracted. Having people to do the things with you can also recreate the moments because there is a sense of working as a team and a motivation value unless in the middle the relationship goes bad. 

At the end these moments keeps only you were the most high state like taking a drug because if you doing it just because you have to suddenly becomes a patience and cannot wait to finish what you were doing. I would like to end with a quote i got from the net “The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, and gives you a sense of meaning, joy and passion.” Now thats what makes you feel alive.

Truth hurts

Let’s just say we are born into a cruel world which truth sometimes hurts
But we have to accept it because it’s true
I believe that everything happens for a reason and I meant it every word

Let’s just stop filling ourselves with
Unnecessary flattering names
Enough of sad memoirs
Letters of insecurities
Anxiety of worries
Contracts of rules

I have a world of mind that confuses things
It either could drown me into a lost mystey
Or gather them and make shining pictures

Lights are a good side of the world
But it could just bring down tears to the sea
It could be one whole generous news
Of either awesome like a beautiful backdrop or just hope it didn’t just come off the way you just heard