Time just passed



We had blues on Mondays
Suddenly from nowhere came Tuesdays
We called midweek as Wednesdays
And we almost there with Thursdays
Thank god for Fridays
As we rest on Saturdays
We just hope there no end for Sundays
And then the cycle goes on each week
While weeks become months
And months messed to a whole year
Time cannot be cut by scissors
or pasted with glue
What we know a day’s gone at the end of every night

Thousands of Masks


I got to admit I’m always a happy kid
I guess I have been portraying too much of a selfless me
This is not a mask
I’m not pretending to be happy
Not because I have to
I just think of everything calmly
With every command I have within with some help
Yes I admit I’m always afraid of my weaknesses being exposed
But that will just made me embarrassed and life moves on



I want to play and got excited with a long animal around my neck
A creature with deathly eyes at stake
In my conscious mind stores uncontainable rhythm of life
that the scales moves and surrounds me with bearable pride
So through me, freedom of beauty of it’s heating cold blooded heart
Will released answers to the shattered mind
I simply compared myself with one
As I always break into a silent killer state
For a start we have a common S initials
So beware the wisdom of the dazzling snake
Because you never know what our next action would be
# Unpredictable Senses of Life


So should I be drawn in or be kept away?
I think its best to keep a distance before they start to affray
You never know when to react once those hair of needles be activated
Should I be frightened?
Well I guess so or else I will either pierced through to get bitten
So i saw these two snuggling up
I guess they are harmless and tired
Everyone sees how they rest
Eyes will suddenly glance upwards
Upon hearing people passing through
They might be thinking to have a bit more privacy
Well good enough we aren’t that noisy
So continue on my fellow prickled friends
With sleep that never ends
There’s no point bothering you anyway

Eagles and Hornbills

My meet up with two friends;

Meetup with Eagle
Creatures that come from highlands
Grip tight onto shoulders with his hooks
Quietly watches around as he stands
To him I come in peace with no words or looks
To admire his powerful beauty
To recognise his status legacy
We know how great his accuracy
So we better not challenge him in his abilities

Meetup with Hornbill
Peculiar bird married to a Bill
Beautiful isn’t she? Flattered she feels
Lately she have been honoured as the most exquisite
Maybe the way she speaks tells a great story
I admire her quirky character
She is one funny full of drama comedy
She never stops entertaining
And I never get tired enjoying


Turtle Island


Turtles are the most homely
It never leaves home
No matter what they do
No matter where they go
Their hearts, souls and houses moves too
And we can’t prevent that fact from happening
that their home is everything to them
Even to shield them from danger
Or as a blanket comfort if they are in fear
# That’s why I love turtles