Home is Everywhere

Hello Readers and Bloggers! Today I would like to touch on a questionWhere in the world do you feel at home?”

First we start with what is a home? Does a home only mean a physical roof that you stay in right now? Answer is No. Home is many things; it could be the people we are with like ‘Whenever I am with my loved ones, I am home’. It also a hobby or an activity that you loved or enjoy like ‘Cycling on a stretch of non-ending track is where I called home.’

Usually a place call home consist of some of these factors such as where we are most comfortable with that we can express ourselves, feel great about ourselves, welcomed by the place we are in and/or a place where we feel free. Happy places seem to be a home for us.

On this Earth, homes are temporary because nothing stays forever, we don’t exactly stay in the same place all the time, we move around. People don’t live forever, they can leave us just like that without us knowing when, when you learn and gain more knowledge, you tend to enjoy and explore new activities, you don’t only enjoy one thing.

For me, I would say I have many homes, my homes are always there and I just moved in to the many houses I have. Currently, my family is my home; school is my second as these two places are the ones I spend time most with. WordPress and the Internet is my third because it is platform where I enjoy learning and sharing and of course spent most time with. Lastly would be my home is everywhere I been to or with because I loved everyone I met and enjoy every second I have so basically my home is wherever I go and whatever I do!

A home is the happiest place for us where we feel comfortable and welcomed and simply be ourselves but Earth is just a temporary one.  - Nizam

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  1. I’m currently in the process of a physical move after 24 years. Simply because what once felt like home, no longer was. The energy of feeling welcomed and accepted was not what it once was…so it was time to move on and feel comfortable once again! Good subject or might I say good timing. Home is everywhere.

    1. Yea sometimes knowing familiar things and faces helps me to be more comfortable too and i guess family is always where we follow for now! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Very true Nizam, Home travels with us from house to house. As a woman with grown children, I find my home is where my family is, even though they are no longer living here – so did my home expand? Sure it did – it’s not a place, so it can. I also feel that “coming home” feeling in church (any) and places I love. Angie

  3. So wise at such a young age, Nizam, to know that earth is only our temporary home. And yes, home is truly where the heart is! It is wonderful just to be at home in one’s own skin,right?

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